Young Ladies Institute

Deo Gratias #218

Who We Are!

The Young Ladies Institute is an organization of Catholic Women dedicated to the Christian principles of charity and love. The purpose of our ministry is to help others in our organization, our church, and our community. Our history reflects a sisterly care and concern for each other and for those in need. YLI was originally founded in San Francisco on September 5, 1887, by three young women whom were insprired to help an ill friend. Approximately 8,500 women belong to YMI from California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. We are an organization for all seasons of life. Some of our members joined out of high school, some were "Social Security age" and there are many in between; but we know that: When thre is a need - YLI Sisters will be there.

We Invite You:

  • To make new friendships and renew old friendships.
  • To give love and charity to the less fortunate in our community.
  • To promote the moral, mental and social advancement of Catholic women.
  • To enrich your spiritual life by joining other Catholic women in prayer.
  • To enjoy social events with other women and with their families.
  • To help men with their education for the Priesthood.
  • To help women in their goals to further their education.
  • To participate in the ways and means to accomplish all these and more.
  • To join YLI and enjoy the Sisterly love we cherish.

Contact Us

Our Institute, Deo Gratias #218, meets every third Saturday of the month in the Bernadette Room of St. Francis Church Hall.  If you are interested in joining us for our next meeting to learn more about us or get involved, contact us by calling Janice Rimmer at 325-2840 or e-mailing her at


Contact Us:

Address: 900 H. Street Bakersfield, CA 93304
Phone: 661-327-4734  |  Fax: 661-377-0363
Religious Education Office: