Kerygma Choir

Proclaiming in song, "The Good News!"

Many people do not know what the word Kerygma means. It is the proclamation of religious truths, especially those truths that are taught in the gospels. In Kerygma, we proclaim in song the truths of our faith and etch them firmly in our mind, heart, and soul. We are a large group of singers, guitarists, piano, and an occasional flute and trumpet... but we can always use another instrument and more singers!

Music has a divine origin and we see this most especially in the “gifted’ musicians who inspire us by the beautiful music they can create.  The gift of music however is not the private possession of the musically gifted.  All human beings are made for music.  Music crosses many boundaries; even music composed and sung in a different language and culture can feed the soul and delight the senses. Sing to the Lord opens with this statement, “God dwells within each human person, in the place where music takes its source.”  Music is present within us because God is present within us and when one sings and makes music in praise, God is revealed. 

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No audition is necessary, just the love of music and a willingness to give it a try! To join us, please contact our Director, Heidi Scott for details on rehearsal schedule. You can contact Heidi at the main Church Office number or by emailing her at Kerygma provides music for our 10:30 am Mass throughout the year.


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